FM-DX 2015 in Ruovesi part 10

On Tuesday the 7th of July there was a short opening towards north-east of France starting at about 14:40 UTC.  The conditions were very short-lived and I didn’t catch any new stations, but I managed to did some new reports to previously non-replied stations. Well, didn’t have better luck this time either …

In the late evening at 19:00 UTC there was a surprise opening of some minutes to eastern Europe. Nothing special observed, except perhaps Z Rock Radio from Montana Bulgaria on 91.6. The ID was not clear enough for non-dxer ears, so no report this time.



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FM-DX 2015 in Ruovesi part 9

On the 5th of July the conditions started at 0910 UTC, again with Italian stations The conditions lasted a bit longer than on the 4th, but still only for an half an hour.

One interesting catch was on 93.4 the RAI GR Parliamento -station, which instead of talking was playing oldies music! Perhaps there was a request hour for politicians. Mr. Berlusconi appeared to have been requested for ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ ;-). Another nice catch was also Radio Bresciasette from Brescia on 94.8, but I didn’t get it QSL’d.

However, I had better luck with a more common station, Radio Company, which was heard on 93.5 with it’s “Pinkie Magazine” -program. The station duly confirmed. The v/s was Stefano Pettenuzzo. Thank you Stefano!

Radio Company

Due to extremely populated FM Band, some Italian stations try to avoid interference by transmitting between channels. An example of these is K-Rock, which in Parma uses the frequency 94.85. It’s quite easy to identify because of the frequency and of the ‘Classic Rock’ -format. On the 5th of July I received the station and I got an eMail -confirmation quite quickly.


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FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 8

On the 4th of July the conditions started at 0740 UTC with Italian stations, but unfortunately didn’t last long. The last station were received at about 0800 UTC.
The conditions seemed to favor the the northern part of Italy.

One of the more pleasant catches – and a new one for me – was a German speaking ‘italiano’, Radio 2000, on 90.1, from Bruneck in Italian province South Tyrol. It was just promoting ‘Waldfest’ summer party in the region. The station, however, never replied to my report.

The one that replied was Ciao Radio on 91.2. Ciao Radio is one of the most commonly received italian stations here, but this was the first time I succeeded in getting eMail -confirmation from them. The station was easily identified by their slogan: “Questo e Ciao Radio, un successo dopo l’altro. The Best Radio“.

Ciao Radio

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FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 7

For the next conditions I had to wait until the 3rd of July. After 0600 UTC there were some Dutch and Belgian stations audible in the lower band, and, as usual, the conditions soon spread out to southern/eastern UK. The first identified new British station for me was BBC Somerset on 95.5. I have spotted the station on Medium Wave, but not on FM. Deputy news editor Rachel Andrews replied quickly and confirmed my reception.BBC Somerset

The other new logged Briton was KLFM 96.7.   It run a competition to win tickets to see the group Boyzone in concert at Newmarket racecourse. The Managing Director for this East Anglian station, Darren Taylor, wrote an email and confirmed my catch.KLFM

Other identified British stations were BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 95.7, BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8, BBC Radio Solent 96.1 and BBC Radio Cymru 96.8.  There was also a Danish station logged on 95.6. It was probably DR P4 Midt & Vest, but no ID heard. At the end of conditions, some French stations popped up, most notably Musicbox on 92.8 and a new one for me, Radio Mercure, on 93.0.



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FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 6

As would be expected, the mid-summer conditions continued on the third day in a row. On the 22nd of June the conditions started here in Ruovesi at about 0525 UTC  in the morning. Again they continued from the point they left on the previous evening. For an hour the band was full of mainly French stations, with a dose of Swiss and German stations, too.

Because of the morning hours, the German stations had regional slots and I was lucky to catch some of those broadcasts. An example of these was the regional program of SWR4, Radio Südbaden on 89.5. There was a regional Traffic Report and ‘Frühmagazin aus Freiburg’ at 0604 UTC. The Freiburg Studio of SWR was very interested of my report and requested a contribution to their ‘Hörfunk magazine’ -program: “It would be very nice if you sent us a sound bite with your voice, telling us what you heard and why you are interested in radio from all over the world“. And so I prepared a short introduction of my DX -hobby, which was subsequently broadcast in their program.


My hobby presentation was also in demand by Radio Argovia, a Swiss station on 90.3, received on the same morning, playing classic rock. The producer Marius Füglister was anxious to play it in his ‘Fritigs’-radio show.

Radio Argovia

Other Swiss station logged were: Radio Freiburg 90.2, SRF 1 88.1, Radio Munot 91.5, Radio 24 92.1 Radio Sunshine 93.4 and Radio Canal 3 92.8. Mr Michael Rossing from Canal 3’s Technic department wrote: “Thanks for reaching out to us, this is very interesting, We got this antenna up about 4 years ago (aiming in your general direction) and never thought to reach Finland ;-)”

Canal 3

Among the numerous French stations logged was Radio FG on 90.0. The ‘FG’ stands for ‘Fuckin’ Good (music)’, which I herad in one of their jingles. Director Sylvain Frey was kind enough to confoirm my report.

Radio FG

Other logged Frenchies included France Bleu Gard Lozere 90.2, Tonic FM 91.1, Oüi FM 91.5, Radio Pluriel 91.5, Radio Bresse 92.8, La Radio Plus 93.0, Radio RVA 93.5 and Radio Cactus 92.2. Alann Hery, The Technical Director of Oui FM wrote: “Je vous confirme que vous avez bien reçu le programme OÜI FM. C’est une belle performance pour ces ondes.

Oui FM France

Despite high expectations this was for me the last condition day in June. There were quite good conditions on 25-26 of June, but due to work trip I was not able to listen. I had to wait nearly two weeks until the Magic of ES showed itself again.

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FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 5

The last half an hour during the conditions on the 21st of June offered some stations from Switzerland. One of those was the Swiss French language national broadcaster  Radio Télévision Suisse with the program Espace 2 on 96.2. Actually the transmitter on his frequency is in France in town of Thollon. The transmissions from Thollon are targeted towards French-speaking south-western Switzerland and at the same time towards Finland ;-). The program that I listened to was called ‘Le Labo’ and included an interesting document about refugees from Afghanistan. I received a confirmation from the station and also a personal message from the reporter of the program, Mr. Jonas Pool, who stated that “… very happy that we don’t need internet everywhere, anytime…“. As a DX-listener, I sincerely agree with Jonas. The producer of the progam, Mr. David Collin, has been my Facebook friend ever since. It’s nice to know that DX-listening hobby still can promote global friendship.

RTS Espace 2

Other Swiss stations identified were Radio Sunshine 93.4, RTS La Premiere 96.9 and Radio Jura Bernois 96.3 (vith RDS only: ‘RJB-BNJ’).

At 1937 UTC that night occurred an interesting phenomenon. There was a sudden half-a-minute rise of signals from stations from Berlin-Brandenburg area. I would imagine that this was triggered by a falling meteor and enhanced by the E-skip conditions. I succeeded in identifying three stations from Berlin-Brandenburg:  Radio Eins 95.8, Funkhouse Europa 96.3 and Antenne Brandenburg 98.6. Funkhouse Europa happily confirmed my reception of their Greek program “Elliniko Randevou”. The presenter of the program, Mr. Vassili Vougiatzis. later send me a personal email. He also likes listening to the radio via FM: “… it’s a nice feeling to have “real” radio waves coming to you, not digital data“. Well, I totally agree ;-).

Funkhouse Europa

There was a short stint of French stations before the conditions of 21.06. died out. The Oxygene Radio on 93.0 was, however, the only noteworthy logging.

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FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 4

On Sunday the 21st of June the conditions continued from the point they were stopped on the previous day. In Ruovesi the conditions start to rise quite late in the evening – at 1825 UTC. At first Italian stations dominated, but little by little the conditions moved westwards, and after 1900 UTC there were some Swiss and South German stations among Italians, which at this point were predominantly from the Piemonte area (e.g. Torino). At the end there were some north-eastern French station coming through. The conditions ended at about 19:45 UTC.

An interesting small Italian station was caught on 92.8 just after 1900 UTC; Radio Esse Effe from Domodossola. One promo and local advertisements were heard and the report was duly confirmed by the station. BTW, the ‘Esse Effe’ (SF) is derived from ‘San Francisco’.

Radio Esse Effe

Another new Italiano for me was Radio Manila from Torino on 95.0. It was broadcasting it’s ‘Music Line’ -musical request program and was easily identied via it’s promos. The station confirmed after two weeks.

Radio Manila

Other Piemonte area stations logged were Radio Nostalgia Piemonte 91.4, Radio Evangelo Piemonte 91.5, Radio Jukebox Torino 94.4, Radio Energy Torino 93.9, Radio Number One Piemonte 93.5, Radio Sanremo 93.9, Italia Uno Party 95.2 and Radio Torino 95.3.

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