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Berlin Radios signing off

Radio enthusiasts have observed the shutdown of the medium wave frequency 855 kHz in the Berlin area. Since the early 2000s Germany has used this radio frequency for transmission of programs in digital mode (DRM), regularly since 2005. In recent years it broadcast programs of the digital knowledge radio DRadio Wissen. In the early hours of 19.9.2012 broadcasts ended on that frequency. And there is no coming back, since the 146-meter high radio mast will be demolished.

Also this year, the Germany radio transmitter site on Britzer Damm ended broadcasts on the traditional frequency of 6190 kHz (Deutschlandfunk), as the historic transmitter was suffered from irreparable damage. Berlin-Britz now remains as transmitter site only for Deutschland Kultur on 990 kHz and for FM stations.



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Radio 6150, Germany to be launched on 6070 kHz

Hello friends, our official launch [on 6070 kHz] is planned for Sunday, October 21st, 9:00 am MESZ / 0700 UT. Our tests with the new output amp passed very promisingly, even though we only tested at 25 % of the final power up to now. At the moment we are working on the output amp, we hope to finish by next weekend (6th / 7th Oktober) so we can perform further tests with high power. At the moment only the driver is running with c. 75 Watts. News can, as always, be found at (

(Radio 6150)

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Uruguayan SW inactivities

The stations SODRE and Emisora ​​del Sur, both from Montevideo, are inactive on the frequencies 6125 and 9620 kHz, respectively.

This information comes from the Uruguayan dxer Horacio Nigro. According to him, the SODRE wants to keep itself active on shortwave frequencies, but at low power. Among the plans of the station is creating a multilingual section with focus on the Internet. They don’t dismiss, however, the inclusion of this also via shortwave frequencies. Nigro visited the station and talked to the head of the transmitter site, Peter Ramela.

(A Onda Curta em notícia / Célio Romais)

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Brazilan radio shortwave update

Radio Senado has stopped operation on 5990 kHz.
Radio Nacional da Amazônia is heard now on both 6180 and 11780 kHz, approx. between 0700-0400, times variable.
Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre is active only on 9550 kHz; 6160 and 11895 kHz are inactive.
Radio Marumby 11725 kHz and Voz Missionária 11750 kHz are inactive.


Radio Itatiaia in Belo Horizonte (MG) has been absent from shortwave, but there were few listeners who noticed the absence of this shortwave broadcaster. The station should re-transmit shortwave soon. The information is from Danilo Nonato de Paula, Ouro Preto (MG). According to him, the station is acquiring new equipment to return to action in 5970 kHz.  Traditionally, the channel at 49 meters from Itatiaia and serves listeners in Minas Gerais in addition to the state capital.

As monitored by Edison Junior Bocorny, Novo Hamburgo (RS), the stations Radio Globo Santos, Guaruja (SP) on 5045 kHz and Radio Guaruja, Florianópolis (SC) on 5980 kHz, are inactive at the moment. Apparently, the shortwave broadcasts from Radio Globo Santos, Guaruja (SP) (former Radio Guaruja Paulista) are over. Since September 23rd, Rudolf Grimm, São Bernardo do Campo (SP), has noted the complete absence of the signal of the station also on the last frequency that was still in the air: 3385 kHz.

Radio Cultura AM, São Paulo (SP), is currently inactive in the frequency of 9615 kHz on 31 meters. Another inactive frequency on shortwave, is 4825 kHz, useb by Radio Canção Nova, de Cachoeira Paulista  (SP).

Rádio Imaculada Conceição de Campo Grande  (MS) has returned to 4755 kHz. Lenildo da Silva, who resides in rural São José (PB) noticed that the station was back on dial. The station has since been logged with regular signal.

Radio Gaucha, Porto Alegre (RS), has returned to 6020 kHz, in the 49 meters. Another station that has been reactivating its shortwave channel was Rádio Alvorada from the Amazonian city of Parintins. It broadcasts on 4965 kHz. This information comes from Bocorny Edison Junior, Novo Hamburgo (RS).

According to Waldecy de Oliveira, Ariquemes (RO), Radio Caiari (RO) is on the air with reduced power and, it seems, it does not turn on its shortwave transmitter every day.

Rádio Meteorologia Paulista, Ibitinga on 4845 kHz has been logged relaying programs of Rede Jovem Pan.

(‘A Onda Curta em notícia’ by Célio Romais and

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Kachin Radio, Burma is new one on shortwave

Kachin Radio is a new Myanmar radio station in Pyin Oo Lwin (ex-Maymyo) in Mandalay Division, Myanmar.
This new station has started broadcasting in English since the 27th March 2012. The program schedule is as follows:

2330 to 0130 hrs UTC in Burmese on 639 kHz, 6030 kHz
0130 to 0200 hrs UTC in English on 639 kHz, 6030 kHz
0430 to 0630 hrs UTC in English on 639 kHz, 9460 kHz
1030 to 1430 hrs UTC in Burmese on 639 kHz, 7110 kHz
1430 to 1500 hrs UTC in English on 639 kHz, 7110 kHz

The other recently logged new station in Myanmar called ”Rakhine Broadcasting Station” (see earlier entry)  is believed to be broadcasting it’s minority language broadcasts from the same studios and transmitter site in Pyin Oo Lwin.

(Babul Gupta, India via Indian DX Club Intl fb group)

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Updated schedule for “Amateur Radio Today”

“Amateur Radio Today”, The South African Radio League’s weekly radio programme for radio amateurs, shortwave listeners and electronic hobbyists, has updated (18 March 2012) schedule:

Sundays: 0800 UTC
17 760 kHz
7 205 kHz
7 082 kHz
Repeat broadcast on Mondays: 1730 UTC
4895 kHz (Sentech)

The 4985 kHz transmitter power is 100 kW feeding an omni-directional antenna. Reception reports are welcome and can be emailed to “artoday” at the domain “”

(SARL website and SARL News)

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New edition of “Africa On Shortwave”

British DX Club has just published new edition (March 2012) of it’s comprehensive publication “Africa On Shortwave”. It is country-by-country guide to domestic and external shortwave broadcasting in Africa, including opposition and selected target broadcasts to the African continent. The publication is downloadable in pdf -format, here.


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