FM-DX 2015 in Ruovesi part 16

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The conditions on the 8th of July re-appeared at about 10:10 UTC. A bunch of Ukrainian stations from Odessa invaded at first the lower part of FM -band, but the MUF rapidly climbed above 100 Mhz. On 102.7 was a station with unusual format; it was playing classical music. After some minutes, at 10:30 there was a nice ID: “Studio Radiostantsiya Garmonia Mira, 13:30″. I had heard this “Harmony of the World” -station tentatively once before, but this time the ID was clear and thus a reception report was sent. It was a pleasant surprise to receive a confirmative eMail the next day: “This is really a fragment of our broadcast. Our radio station is located in Odessa, Ukraine. Consistent signal reception up to 150 kilometers. You are lucky”  (translated from Ukrainian).

Garmonia Mira

On 105.5 I heard a station promoting it’s ‘Jolki-Palki’ – humor program, which means something like “Oh, My Gosh!”. It turned out to be Perets FM (‘Pepper FM’), also known as Stilnoe Radio Perets FM. It has grown to a big network, that uses slogan ‘Humor and hits’, targeting active young people. I sent my report via Facebook and also received an enthusiastic reply from one of the stations DJ’s: “Yes! it is! I’m impress! How it could be possible? crazy)“.

Perets FM

On 107.4 I heard an Ukrainian version of “Every Breath You Take”. After couple of minutes the station identified: “Radio 24 – bez kompromisiv” (without compromise). It was the Odessa station of news radio network Radio 24. Mykhailo Bezpalko, Head of Music for Radio 24 Network confirmed simply: “Yes, it was signal of our station“.

Radio 24 Ukraine

Shortly after 10:30 UTC the conditions again shifted westwards; to Moldovia, Romania, and in the south,  all the way to Turkey. More of this in the following post.


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