FM-DX 2015 in Ruovesi part 13

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On the 8th of July 2015 I logged dozens of East European stations, that I hadn’t logged before. On of them was Hungarian Radio Som on 99.5. It’s a local station broadcasting from the studios in the city of Fehergyarmat. I sent the report via Facebook in October and received promptly a reply from the Editorial Staff. They were sorry that they couldn’t confirm my report 100 %, becouse they couldn’t check the names of the songs from the station log after so many months. Well that’s one of the mishaps of ‘mass reporting’, your reports tend to be quite late in writing. But I was satisfied with that “nearly 100%” verification.

Radio Som

After 07:30 UTC the conditions shifted more and more westwards. Italian stations started to pop up along with some Slovenian and Austrian stations in the mix. Czechian stations replaced the Slovakian ones. In the Balkans, Croatia became now the dominant.

In my experience, the Slovenian stations have generally been quite dxer-friendly. One example of that was Radio Antena on 94.4, which I received during these 8th of July conditions.   In his reply Program Director Andrej Vodušek wrote: “We can confirm that this is Radio Antena, from our transmitter site Sv. Peter over Begunje, where the world famous Elan skies are produced“.

Radio Antena Slovenia

Radio Centrale from Cesena Italy is quite common station during Italian conditions. Also this morning it came through without difficulties on 94.4. Now I was also able to get a confirmation from the station: “We confirm your reception. Even in Finland one will be able to say how nice it is to listen to the Radio Centrale !!. Well, you see, the slogan of the station is “E’ bella ascoltare Radio Centrale!”.

Radio Centrale

The amazing day of 8th July 2015 still continues …

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