FM-DX 2015 in Ruovesi part 11

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For me, the best FM-DX -day of the year 2015 was the Wednesday 8th of July. The first dx -signals started popping up early in the morning at about 06:15 UTC. The micro conditions on the previous evening already had given hint of what to expect in the morning: lots of stations from Romania  and other East-European countries. The first station logged was Radio Brasov on 87.8, playing appropriately “Breakfast At Tiffanys’. This soon was replaced by a Ludacris’ hit and a station call from another Romanian, Radio Son. The station promptly replied to my eMail -report noting that: “Da,este vb de radio son,tnks,bafta,ciao.“.

Radio Son

One Romanian station that comes through regularly during these kind of conditions, is Radio Ring Medias on 90.2.  Also this time it was loud and clear, albeit interfered with Realitatea FM on the same frequency. I have reported the station a couple of times but haven’t got confirmation until now. General Director Rodica Orschekovski replied with short eMail.

Radio Ring Medias

Romania is nowadays full of network stations. It’s more and more difficult to find any local/regional independent stations. This summer I succeeded catching some. On this particular day: Radio Unu Alexandria 90.5, Radio Sibiu 91.1, For You FM 94.4 and Radio Transilvania 94.5. None of these has replied, though … Let’s see what follow-ups can do.

After about an half an hour (~06:45 UTC), the conditions moved westwards, to Balkans and HNG/CZE/SVK. The story continues in part 12 …



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