FM-DX 2015 in Ruovesi part 9

February 25, 2016 at 5:08 pm Leave a comment

On the 5th of July the conditions started at 0910 UTC, again with Italian stations The conditions lasted a bit longer than on the 4th, but still only for an half an hour.

One interesting catch was on 93.4 the RAI GR Parliamento -station, which instead of talking was playing oldies music! Perhaps there was a request hour for politicians. Mr. Berlusconi appeared to have been requested for ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ ;-). Another nice catch was also Radio Bresciasette from Brescia on 94.8, but I didn’t get it QSL’d.

However, I had better luck with a more common station, Radio Company, which was heard on 93.5 with it’s “Pinkie Magazine” -program. The station duly confirmed. The v/s was Stefano Pettenuzzo. Thank you Stefano!

Radio Company

Due to extremely populated FM Band, some Italian stations try to avoid interference by transmitting between channels. An example of these is K-Rock, which in Parma uses the frequency 94.85. It’s quite easy to identify because of the frequency and of the ‘Classic Rock’ -format. On the 5th of July I received the station and I got an eMail -confirmation quite quickly.


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