FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 6

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As would be expected, the mid-summer conditions continued on the third day in a row. On the 22nd of June the conditions started here in Ruovesi at about 0525 UTC  in the morning. Again they continued from the point they left on the previous evening. For an hour the band was full of mainly French stations, with a dose of Swiss and German stations, too.

Because of the morning hours, the German stations had regional slots and I was lucky to catch some of those broadcasts. An example of these was the regional program of SWR4, Radio Südbaden on 89.5. There was a regional Traffic Report and ‘Frühmagazin aus Freiburg’ at 0604 UTC. The Freiburg Studio of SWR was very interested of my report and requested a contribution to their ‘Hörfunk magazine’ -program: “It would be very nice if you sent us a sound bite with your voice, telling us what you heard and why you are interested in radio from all over the world“. And so I prepared a short introduction of my DX -hobby, which was subsequently broadcast in their program.


My hobby presentation was also in demand by Radio Argovia, a Swiss station on 90.3, received on the same morning, playing classic rock. The producer Marius Füglister was anxious to play it in his ‘Fritigs’-radio show.

Radio Argovia

Other Swiss station logged were: Radio Freiburg 90.2, SRF 1 88.1, Radio Munot 91.5, Radio 24 92.1 Radio Sunshine 93.4 and Radio Canal 3 92.8. Mr Michael Rossing from Canal 3’s Technic department wrote: “Thanks for reaching out to us, this is very interesting, We got this antenna up about 4 years ago (aiming in your general direction) and never thought to reach Finland ;-)”

Canal 3

Among the numerous French stations logged was Radio FG on 90.0. The ‘FG’ stands for ‘Fuckin’ Good (music)’, which I herad in one of their jingles. Director Sylvain Frey was kind enough to confoirm my report.

Radio FG

Other logged Frenchies included France Bleu Gard Lozere 90.2, Tonic FM 91.1, Oüi FM 91.5, Radio Pluriel 91.5, Radio Bresse 92.8, La Radio Plus 93.0, Radio RVA 93.5 and Radio Cactus 92.2. Alann Hery, The Technical Director of Oui FM wrote: “Je vous confirme que vous avez bien reçu le programme OÜI FM. C’est une belle performance pour ces ondes.

Oui FM France

Despite high expectations this was for me the last condition day in June. There were quite good conditions on 25-26 of June, but due to work trip I was not able to listen. I had to wait nearly two weeks until the Magic of ES showed itself again.

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