FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 5

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The last half an hour during the conditions on the 21st of June offered some stations from Switzerland. One of those was the Swiss French language national broadcaster  Radio Télévision Suisse with the program Espace 2 on 96.2. Actually the transmitter on his frequency is in France in town of Thollon. The transmissions from Thollon are targeted towards French-speaking south-western Switzerland and at the same time towards Finland ;-). The program that I listened to was called ‘Le Labo’ and included an interesting document about refugees from Afghanistan. I received a confirmation from the station and also a personal message from the reporter of the program, Mr. Jonas Pool, who stated that “… very happy that we don’t need internet everywhere, anytime…“. As a DX-listener, I sincerely agree with Jonas. The producer of the progam, Mr. David Collin, has been my Facebook friend ever since. It’s nice to know that DX-listening hobby still can promote global friendship.

RTS Espace 2

Other Swiss stations identified were Radio Sunshine 93.4, RTS La Premiere 96.9 and Radio Jura Bernois 96.3 (vith RDS only: ‘RJB-BNJ’).

At 1937 UTC that night occurred an interesting phenomenon. There was a sudden half-a-minute rise of signals from stations from Berlin-Brandenburg area. I would imagine that this was triggered by a falling meteor and enhanced by the E-skip conditions. I succeeded in identifying three stations from Berlin-Brandenburg:  Radio Eins 95.8, Funkhouse Europa 96.3 and Antenne Brandenburg 98.6. Funkhouse Europa happily confirmed my reception of their Greek program “Elliniko Randevou”. The presenter of the program, Mr. Vassili Vougiatzis. later send me a personal email. He also likes listening to the radio via FM: “… it’s a nice feeling to have “real” radio waves coming to you, not digital data“. Well, I totally agree ;-).

Funkhouse Europa

There was a short stint of French stations before the conditions of 21.06. died out. The Oxygene Radio on 93.0 was, however, the only noteworthy logging.


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