FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 4

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On Sunday the 21st of June the conditions continued from the point they were stopped on the previous day. In Ruovesi the conditions start to rise quite late in the evening – at 1825 UTC. At first Italian stations dominated, but little by little the conditions moved westwards, and after 1900 UTC there were some Swiss and South German stations among Italians, which at this point were predominantly from the Piemonte area (e.g. Torino). At the end there were some north-eastern French station coming through. The conditions ended at about 19:45 UTC.

An interesting small Italian station was caught on 92.8 just after 1900 UTC; Radio Esse Effe from Domodossola. One promo and local advertisements were heard and the report was duly confirmed by the station. BTW, the ‘Esse Effe’ (SF) is derived from ‘San Francisco’.

Radio Esse Effe

Another new Italiano for me was Radio Manila from Torino on 95.0. It was broadcasting it’s ‘Music Line’ -musical request program and was easily identied via it’s promos. The station confirmed after two weeks.

Radio Manila

Other Piemonte area stations logged were Radio Nostalgia Piemonte 91.4, Radio Evangelo Piemonte 91.5, Radio Jukebox Torino 94.4, Radio Energy Torino 93.9, Radio Number One Piemonte 93.5, Radio Sanremo 93.9, Italia Uno Party 95.2 and Radio Torino 95.3.


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