FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 3

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After 15.05. there was a long silent period condition-wise. On the 3rd of June there was a short opening at 0840 UTC to Eastern/Central Europe, the Hungarian Music FM on 89.5 being the only identified station.

Then, we had to wait another couple of weeks, before the skies re-opened – on the 20th of June. The conditions started here in Ruovesi at about 0900 UTC and lasted almost an hour. The covered area was the Balkans and eastern Middle-Europe. This pattern was repeated more or less the whole season, as I was to find out.

One of the strongest and stable stations was Radio Televizija Tuzlanskog Kantona on 91.8. It also identifoed as ‘Radio TK’. I haven’t had much of luck getting Bosnia-Hercegovinian stations QSL’d, but this season turned out to be better in that respect. I wrote all my reports in Bosnian; that might have helped.  Radio TK replied and confirmed my reception promptly.

Radio TK

Another new station for me from BiH was Radio Gorazde on 91.1. It is the radio broadcasting part of Radio Televizija Bosansko-podrinjskog Kantona.  Eventually I also ended up as the Facebook buddy of the station.

Radio Gorazde

One of the new Hungarian stations logged was Ozone FM 91.1.  It confirmed  my reception almost instantly after me sending an email (and link to my mp3-recording file). Petra Korodi was kind enough to reply: “YES! 😀 That’s we are! :)”. Thank you Petra!

Ozone FM

For some reason, the Slovakian stations have generally been shadowed by the Czech ones during Es -conditions, but the summer 2015 and the summer before were welcomed exceptions to the rule. One of my many new Slovakian stations was received on the 20th of June: Radio SiTy Bratislava on 92.1.  They confirmed the reception and sent me their playlist on that reception time slot.

Radio SiTy Bratislava

Other noteworthy stations logged on 20 of June were Gong FM 88.7 (HNG),  Radio Banovici 90.3 (BIH), Radio Kameleon 91.5 (BIH), Radio Slavonija 88.6 (HR), Radio Slon 89.0 (BIH), BB Radio 89.7 (SRB), Radio Expres 89.7 (SVK), Jazzy Radio 90.9 (HNG), Vesta Radio  91.2 (BIH) and Radio Kiss Kiseljak 92.7 (BIH).


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