FMDX 2015 in Ruovesi, part 1

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The 2015 FMDX -season here in Ruovesi, Finland started on the Ascension Day, 14th of May. The conditions started on about 0640UTC and lasted over 5 hours, ending by noon UTC.

The first stations I received were mainly from Balkan area. Soon they were mixed with stations further up north; most notably Czech Republic. Among the of the first stations heard was Radio Prlek, Slovenia on 88.9. This was a new station for me and I was very pleased to receive also a verification from the station (Thank you Director Peter Kirič!)


After 0715 the conditions shifted eastwards all the way to Tatarstan (e.g. Radio Taksi, Kazan on 89.7), but mainly Ukrainian stations from Odessa were pouring in. One of those was Radio ES (what a proper name for dx-catch on E-Skip conditions!, actually it’s abbreviation for ‘Evropeiska stantsiya’) on 91.0 (Odessa). The program director of the station replied promptly and wrote: “Yes, i confirm that is our broadcasting and our jingle! It’s really amazing !:)”.  BTW, the station’s T-shirt bears the text: “Make Radio, Not War”.

Radio ES

Around 1030 UTC the conditions swung back to west and this time the Italians were dominant. Also some Austrian stations came in and a couple of new ones, too. Soundportal on 89.6 was one (it’s not exactly new; ex-Radio Eins, ex-89.6 das Musikradio) . The other one was Energy  Wien, which was launched only two months earlier.


Soundportal’s ‘Technische Leitung’ send me a verification and wrote in it: “the transmitter is located at 015E10 57 / 47N21 59 (WGS84) in 1410 meter (sea level). the antennas pointing in two directions, one of the two shows exactly the direction helsinki. the erp (effective radiated power) for this direction is about 8 kw.”

After 1100 UTC the conditions moved west and some French and BBC2 -stations were logged. Most notably France Blue Breich Izel on 93.0.


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