National Radio of Ukraine plans to continue broadcasting on mediumwave with the help of DRM

March 23, 2012 at 12:58 pm Leave a comment

The National Radio Company of Ukraine (NRCU) plans to continue broadcasting on mediumwave with the help of DRM transmitters. Two channels of Ukrainian radio will go on broadcasting on mediumwave with new DRM digital radio transmitters; this was stated by the Chairman of the State committee for television and radio broadcasting Alexander Kurdinovich in an interview to Telekritika.

“Taking into account that the National radio company does not have a systematic network for FM broadcasting and will not have it due to the lack of frequency resources, and the insane competition with commercial broadcasters, it was decided to transfer a minimum of two programmes of the NRCU to broadcasts on mediumwave”, he explained. “It is a question of purchasing 15-16 modern digital radio transmitters DRM format, which can work in both digital and analogue radio broadcasting. By placing them on the whole territory of Ukraine, we will be able to provide access to the National radio of at least 85-90% of the population “, noted Mr Kurdinovich.

According to him, the replacement of obsolete analogue transmitters will save money, since the new transmitters consume three times less electricity. He specified that the funds for this re-equipment are not provided, but they must be received at the expense of centralized distribution of capital expenditures. “There is an instruction of the President of the Ukrainian Cabinet of ministers and the Ministry of finance to make specific proposals for this. We have prepared all the technical documentation, the project of creating such a network. The only thing that remains for us is to get financing, announce a tender and purchase transmitters. The problem will be solved seriously and for a long time. After the transition to a digital broadcasting standard we would have created a normal digital radio network”, underlined the chairman of Goskomteleradio.

(Telekritika via DRM Consortium)


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