World Radio Network, Moscow, Russia schedule on 738 kHz

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World Radio Network’s schedule on 738 kHz (Moscow), effective from January 13th, 2012:

0000-0027 Radio Prague (repeat)
0030-0059 Radio Slovakia International
0100-0129 Radio Canada International (repeat)
0130-0159 Radio Taiwan International
0200-0229 Radio Romania International (repeat)
0230-0255 Radio Finland
0300-0315 Radio UN (repeat):
0316-0328 Programme Radiosetka (Tue-Sun)
0316-0328 Pragramme Radiopanorama (Mon) (repeat)
0330-0359 Radio Japan
0400-0427 Radio Prague (Sun-Fri) (repeat)
0400-0427 Russkoe Radio Australia (Sat) (repeat)
0430-0459 Programme About islamic culture and civilization (repeat)
0500-0525 Radio Finland (repeat)
0530-0559 KBS World Radio  (repeat)
0600-0627 Radio Prague (repeat)
0630-0645 Radio UN (repeat):
0646-0658 Programme Radiosetka (Mon-Sat) (repeat)
0646-0658 Programme Radiopanorama (Sun) (repeat)
0700-0729 Radio Romania International (repeat)
0730-0755 Radio Finland (repeat)
0800-0829 Radio Canada International (Sat-Thur) (repeat)
0800-0829 Russkoe Radio Australia (Fri)
0830-0859 Polish Radio (repeat)
0900-0959 Voice of Russia
1000-1058 China Radio International
1100-1115 Radio UN (repeat):
1116-1128 Programme Radiosetka (Sun-Fri) (repeat)
1116-1128 Programme Radiopanorama (Sat)
1130-1157 Radio Prague
1200-1259 Voice of Russia
1300-1329 KBS World Radio
1330-1359 Radio Slovakia International
1400-1458 China Radio International  (repeat)
1500-1529 Radio Romania International
1530-1559 Programme About islamic culture and civilization
1600-1629 Radio Japan
1630-1659 KBS World Radio
1700-1758 China Radio International  (repeat)
1800-1829 Polish Radio
1830-1859 Radio Canada International (Sat-Thur)
1830-1859 Russkoe Radio Australia (Fri) (repeat)
1900-1929 Radio Romania International (repeat)
1930-1945 Radio UN
1946-1958 Programme Radiosetka (Mon-Wed) the new issue of
(Thur,Fri, Sun) repeat
1946-1958 Programme Radiopanorama (Sat) repeat
2000-2029 Radio Taiwan International (repeat)
2030-2059 Programme About islamic culture and civilization(repeat)
2100-2129 Radio Canada International (repeat)
2130-2159 KBS World Radio (Mon-Sat) (repeat)
2130-2159 Russkoe Radio Australia (Sun) (repeat)
2200-2259 China Radio International  (repeat)
2300-2359 Voice of Russia

Addendum: Since February 18, the World Radio Network began broadcasting programs of Radio Exterior de España. Programs will go on the air once a week on Saturdays at 1830, and repeated on Sunday in 0000,0400 and 0700.

(World Radio Network)


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Radio Ukraine International in Romanian language on 657 kHz Radio Mykolaiv, Ukraine on 1377 kHz

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