Greece closing MW transmitters

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After a meeting on February 17, the Administrative Board of the Greek Public Broadcaster (ERT) ordered the switch-off of several medium wave transmitters. Only nine medium wave transmitters with their respective programs of the Greek Public Radio will keep operating. Mainly the high-power transmitters that survive, most of which are located near the border and had been used previously for the “International Network of ERA”. Additionally ERT retains the frequency of the “First Radio Service” (729) and “Filía” (666) from Attica, and also the one of ERA Sport (792) hosted by the former Voice of America transmitter that was re-installed in 2002 at Malgara. A relatively low power transmitter in Florina will also be retained, probably because of its location being nearby to the FYROM.

The transmitters to be switched-off:

Location    Fqy        Pwr        Programming

Ioannina    765        10        Local Program
Lárissa        945        5        Local Program
Heraklion    954        10        Local Program
Attica        981        200        ERA Sports
Peréa        1044    150        102FM ERT3
Orestiada    1080    10        Local Program
Málgara        1179    100        958FM ERT3
Tripolis    1314    10        Local Program
Pyrgos        1350    3        Local Program
Vólos        1485    1        Local Program
Serres        1584    1        Local Program
Kavála        1602    1        Local Program
Kozani        1602    1        Local Program

The decision of the ERT has already started being implemented. It has been confirmed, that the transmitter ERA Sports in Attica (981) – erstwhile YENED historical frequency, the transmitter of ERT3 at Malgara (1179) and those of ERA Tripolis (1314) and Orestiada (1080) have been already switched off.



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