Madagascar World Voice Radio will be new on SW

February 10, 2012 at 1:14 pm Leave a comment

A new short wave radio wills start this spring or next summer in the Indian Ocean, “Madagascar World Voice Radio” broadcasting from Mahajanga on seven frequencies:
7355, 9565, 9585, 11870, 13630, 13635 and 13650 kHz.
Madagascar World Voice (MWV) is a member of World Christian Broadcasting Corporation (WCBC) in Nashville Tennessee (USA).

06H00-06H30 UT  7355
06H30-07H00 UT  9565
07H00-07H30 UT 11870
07H30-08H00 UT 13635
08H00-08H30 UT  9565
08H30-09H00 UT 11870
09H00-09H30 UT 13630
10H30-11H00 UT  9585
11H00-11H30 UT 11870
11H30-12H00 UT 13650

(Bernard Grondin via dxld)

The transmitters are sitting on the dock in Houston awaiting the ship that will take them to the west side of Madagascar. Best estimates are that the trip will take between 60 and 90 days. Once they make it through customs (which sometimes has been a lengthy, uncertain process) and are in place at the station, a technician will have to come from Continental Electronics to install them. Best case scenario for the beginning of testing is probably June 1. We have learned that very little in M’car happens according to our timetable, so more delays would not surprise us.

(Gayle Crowe, Vice President / Programming, World Christian Broadcasting, Feb 1, via WORLD OF RADIO 1602, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


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