African shortwave update

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Central African Republic
Radio Centrafrique has website at  In recent years the station has broadcast on shortwave (7220 kHz) during daytime hours only. However, a new 1 kW shortwave transmitter was installed in May 2010 and broadcasting hours on shortwave (5035 kHz) may have been extended as a result of this.
(BDXC Africa On Shortwave)
Radio ICDI (Integrated Community Development International)has been broadcasting on 6030 kHz, but an additional night-time frequency of 3390 kHz has been mentioned since the installation of a new transmitter in April 2010.
(BDXC Africa On Shortwave)

A new Guinean station has started transmitting on 60 MB. It’s called Familia FM, and it has been licensed to use shortwave in addition to FM. The transmitter site is inTimbi-Madina, and the power is 1 kilowatt. It broadcasts on 4900 kHz (4899.96]) mainly religious programs in French, English and in the local vernaculars. Familia FM has been heard by many European DXers before sign-off 00:05 UTC. The station has website at
(Carlos Goncalves, Jari Savolainen a.o. via DXLD)

The National Broadcaster ORTN has reactivated it’s shortwave frequency 9705 kHz. La Voix du Sahel has been heard evenings until sign-off 23:00 UTC. ORTN has new website at
(Thorsten Hallmann via DXLD)

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation has been many years inactive  on shortwave. It is now reported to be inactive also on medium wave.

Star Radio has been reactivated on shortwave with a 2,5 kW transmitter. It began testing on 4025 kHz and subsequently moved to 3900 kHz, followed by 3955 kHz, and is now on 3960 kHz. Schedule: 05:00-09:00 and 18:00-21:00 UTC. At present the station’s website lists frequencies 104.0 FM and 3960 kHz shortwave.
(Jaime Labadia a.o. via DXLD)

Puntland is a self-declared autonomous state in northeast Somalia.
In September 2010, Radio Hage (Radio Leader) had a test transmission on 6915 kHz that was heard by at least two DXers in Finland, Jari Savolainen and Mauno Ritola. Transmitter site is Galkayo and power 1.25 kW.
(Jari Savolainen and Mauno Ritola)


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