Ukrainian Radio reactivates SW and MW stations

October 11, 2008 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

The National Radio Company of Ukraine received complaints of bad reception of its programmes on long and medium waves in the outlying regions of Ukraine. The shortwave can help to cover them. Maybe some of you remember the Ukrainian home radio on 49 and 60 metrebands. The frequencies were 6020 and 4940 kHz. In 1996 those transmissions were cancelled.
So from September 1, the Ukrainian Radio plans at last to restart the relaying of the 1 National home channel UR-1 on short waves. The planned frequency is 5970 kHz, the power of the transmitter in Brovary near Kyiv – 100 kW with the non-directional antenna. The target area is outlying districts of Ukraine and the neighbouring countries like, for example, the European part of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltics and some East-European countries like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.
Simultaneously, NRCU renews the relaying of its 3 channel “Radio Kultura” on 837 kHz medium wave via the 150kW transmitter in Taranivka near Kharkiv, and from October 1 on 1242 kHz via the 40kW transmitter in Dokuchaevsk near Donetsk.

(“The Whole World on the Radio Dial” compiled by Alexander Yegorov)


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Radio Merkurs, Latvia is new on 1485 kHz WRN in Moscow goes 24 h on 738 kHz

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