QSL Harvesting in DX Paradise – SA

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Here’s some recent SA -verifications received by Arnstein Bue, Norway. Information culled from his blog “DX Paradise“.

550 YVKE Mundial, Caracas

YVKE Mundial 550 AM was heard on 23 September 2007 while I was DX-ing remote from Smøla. My reception report was sent by air mail on 17 December, and today I received a long, friendly and informative email in both Spanish and English from Héctor Escalante, Periodista – Asistente a la presidencia, Circuito Radio Mundial. Thank you very much, Héctor!

680 LV6 Radio Nihuil, Mendoza

After a few days Gustavo Bastias, Jefe de Producción, sent me an email with a perfect confirmation of my reception of Radio Nihuil. This radio station has been on my “wanted” list for some time, and was captured on 23 September 2007 by my SDR-IQ at Kalvøya (Smøla) on the west coast of mid Norway.

920 CP.. Radio Encuentro, Sucre

22 August 2008 was a great day for listening to South American radio stations, and 920 seems to be a very exciting frequency this season. 920 was where I heard my first station ever from Bolivia on mediumwave – exactly 30 1/2 years after I started with this fantastic hobby. The station was heard giving an ID with a nice signal. Late last night I received two emails from Jose Antonio Enriquez S. The first one had a link to an electronic post card, the second one contained a confirmation letter and also a 5 min 22 sec long recording of a programme where they read my letter and played my MP3 recording on the air! A very fascinating verification indeed, and certainly one of my best QSLs ever. Muchas gracias, Jose Antonio!

920 YVQU Radio San Carlos, San Carlos

Honestly, have you ever heard about Estado Cojedes? WRTH 2008 lists one single station in Cojedes, and I have to admit I hadn’t heard about this state until I wrote a reception report to Radio San Carlos, heard on 920 on 22 August 2008 at Kalvøya, northwest of Kristiansund on the Norwegian mid west coast. I got email replies both from William Vera – El Papasito de Radio San Carlos – and from Tomás Pérez, both kindly confirming my reception of this very nice radio station. Radio San Carlos was my QSL no. 40 on mediumwave from Venezuela.

1010 OAX4U Radio Cielo, Lima

Radio Cielo 1010 from Lima was one of the very exciting radio stations being heard at Kalvøya two weeks ago, and Radio Cielo was actually heard both mornings (22 and 23 August). This was one of the first stations found on my Perseus recordings, so the Perseus made an impressive first impression! So did Radio Cielo, which has a very professional web page at http://www.radiocielo.com.pe. Raúl Arias, Director de prensa, sent me a nice email to confirm my reception. Jan Alvestad heard this station at his excellent QTH on the beach near Tjelta on 23 August, and was the one who first noticed this logging.

1010 YVPC Radio Aragua, Cagua

Hamzen Labrador, Vicepresidente, kindly sent me an email to confirm my 22 August 2008 reception of this nice Venezuelan radio station. They have home page at http://www.radioaragua.com

1240 OAU6D Radio Lider, Arequipa

Luis Emilio Lazo Rodríguez, Administrador General, sent me an email with a very nice letter and two photos from their studio, just to confirm my 7 September 2007 reception of Radio Lider. Radio Lider was one of 3-4 stations from Peru heard that fantastic night for LA DX from Smøla.

1250 CX36 Radio Centenario, Montevideo

Thanks a lot to Sandra Barón, Directora, for the very nice verification I received by email today, regarding my 29 September 2007 reception of CX36 Radio Centenario. The station was captured by my SDR-IQ at the island of Smøla, 3 hours south west of Trondheim.

1260 ZYK688 Rádio Morada do Sol, São Paulo 1260

Rádio Morada do Sol was heard on that fantastic night of 7 September 2007 at Smøla, and this email from Tito Santos counts as a confirmation of my reception. This was my QSL no. 100 from Brazil.

1300 CB130 Radio Tierra, Santiago

What a Friday 13th! After having enjoyed one of the greatest football matches ever – The Netherlands beating France 4-1 in Euro 2008 – I received a very surprising reply from CB130 Radio Tierra, which was heard on that memorable night at Smøla. Thanks a lot to Jorge Loayza Charad for confirming my 7 September 2007 reception in a perfect way. This also took my response rate from Latin America to a record high level: 70,3%.

1450 L….. Radio El Sol, Quilmes

A short email today from Daniela Lombardo confirmed my 7 September 2007 (Smøla) reception of L….. Radio El Sol, Quilmes 1450.

1500 HJLJ Sonora 1500 AM, Santiago de Cali

I was quite pleased to receive an email from Fernando Adán Gallo Forero two minutes after midnight, confirming my 11 March 2007 (Smøla18) reception of Sonora 1500 AM from the city of Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca.

1550 HJCB Radio El Sol, Barranquilla

HJCB Radio El Sol 1550 was heard last week end at Smøla, and this night I received two nice emails from Jose Felipe Mesa B. – the second one about their morning program where they would mention my reception report. He even gave me his phone number to call him during the show! Thanks to Finnish DX’er Jari Savolainen for providing information about Jose Felipe Mesa B.

1590 OAZ4Z Radio Agricultura, Lima

Radio Acricultura in Lima has been a dream to hear for years, expecting this to be one of the less difficult peruvians to hear on mediumwave here in Norway. But – it has become more difficult in later years due to terrible DRM signals on nearby European frequencies. Anyway it was a great pleasure finally hearing La Peruanísima during my visit to Rolf Torvik at his paradise Kalvøya on 22 August 2008.
Very early this morning I got a short email from Lima, from Franklin Gambini, Jefe de Operaciones, who attached a letter perfectly confirming my reception. Thank you Franklin, you made my day!

4781,55 CP… Radio Tacana, Tumupasa

Two different emails from Mario Yarari, Director, both confirmed my 16 August 2007 reception of Radio Tacana. This really pleased me a lot!


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