QSL Harvesting in DX Paradise – CA

September 11, 2008 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

Here’s some recent CA -verifications received by Arnstein Bue, Norway. Information culled from his blog “DX Paradise“.

700 Nationwide Radio, Hague

It was with really great pleasure I received my first QSL from Jamaica tonight! Chris Benjamin, Marketing and Promotions Officer – Nationwide News Network, confirmed my 4 January 2008 (Lista) reception of Nationwide Radio.

940 WIPR Radio 940, San Juan

Fortunately some still preffer the old fashioned way. Edwin P. Elías, Jefe Ingeniería at WIPR AM/FM Radio, sent me a big envelope with a long letter to confirm my 16 March 2008 reception of WIPR Radio 940 AM. He also sent a mini poster, a card and a mic key ring. This was a very nice reply indeed!

1000 WVWI Radio One, St. Thomas

One of the stations which has been in the upper part of my “Most Wanted” list for years is WVWI from St. Thomas in the American Virgin Islands. This station also was one of the main targets this season, and with my two SDR-IQ’s operating from Kalvøya since late August the possibility to hear this station was considered fair. And yesterday WVWI had a huge signal on the top of the hour at 05 UTC, giving a perfect ID and a jingle! 11 minutes after I sent my reception report and MP3 recording by email today, I received a very nice email from Heather Ackley, Marketing Director in the Ackley Media Group. Thank you, Heather, for confirming my reception so quickly and in a perfect way!

1240 WALO Radio Oriental, Humacao

It was quite a surprise to find this nice email from Beatriz Archilla, Gerente, among about 200 spam emails attacking my inbox during the week end. This confirmed my 11 September 2007 (Smøla) reception of WALO Radio. Attached to the email I found 6 photos and this coverage map. A perfect letter and a WALO car license plate (!) arrived by post on 16 June. A great reply from a great radio station.

1300 PJD-2 Voice of St. Maarten, Philipsburg

Today I received a verification of my reception of PJD-2 Voice of St. Maarten in Philipsburg – this most wanted station finally heard at Kalvøya (Smøla) at the west coast of mid Norway on 27 September 2007. I missed hearing this station both in 1996 (bad luck) and on 6th September 2007 (overload of red wine), so it was a tremendous pleasure finding PJD-2 on a remote recording made by my SDR-IQ. Thanks a lot to Lady Grace, who works at their FM station, for confirming my reception. Also I phoned PJD-2 two or three times in order to get the confirmation from my LA #505 and my country #220.


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