Some CA QSL’s

November 29, 2007 at 4:32 pm 1 comment

610 CMAN Radio Rebelde, Bahía Honda – Mabel Peña Styo confirmed my reception report for CMAN Radio Rebelde, Bahía Honda 610, heard 5 November 2005 at Lista, and Mabel Peña Styo confirmed both. Muchas gracias!
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

670 CMBA Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas – A nice email tonight from Mabel Peña Styo confirms my 4 November 2005 (Lista) reception of CMBA Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas 670.
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

1020 CMAP Radio Guamá, Bahia Honda – Very nice e-mail from Periodista Lázara Ávila verified my October 24 (AND1) report today. We heard Radio Guamá with a fair signal despite the interference from KDKA as late as 0930 UTC.
(Ole’s DX-blog)

1060 HIAJ Radio Amanecer, San Pedro de Macorís – I was very surprised to receive an email from Esmerlin Hernandez today, more than 8 months since I sent my air mail reception report to San Pedro de Macorís, kindly confirming my reception of HIAJ Radio Amanecer 1060. I heard this station one night at an very nice week end DXpedition to the island of Kalvøya (Smøla), my 18th, in March this year.
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

1310 Radio Martinique, Fort de France – I received a very nice email last night, as a reply to my reception report sent via air mail five weeks ago. Désir Quiquely, Chef de fab. radio, confirms my 7 September 2007 (Smøla) reception of Radio Martinique 1310. The email also contains three mp3 and three jpg attachments – jingles and photos from the station. This was a very nice email reply, and of course it was a new country in my collection – the first so far this year.
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

1470 XEAI Radio Fórmula – I was quite surprised to hear XEAI Radio Fórmula in México City on 1470 kHz at the DX-pedition to Lista in January 2007. Radio Fórmula is a station which I never expected to hear at Lista -it is surprises like this which still makes DX-ing fun! The station was heard late in the morning for quite some time carrying the ‘Fórmula de la noche’ night programme. Today I received an e-mail from Susana Chavarría, Asistente V.P. y Dirección General at Grupo Fórmula, confirming my reception of the station. Susana also enclosed a Powerpoint presentations with some nice pictures of México City.
(Arild’s Radio Blog)

1570 XERF La Poderosa – XERF ‘La Poderosa’, located in the border city of Ciudad Acuña, is by far the most regularly heard Mexican radio station here in Southern Norway. Even so, ‘La Poderosa’ is not a regular catch, and the only chance of catching their signal on 1570 kHz is in the late winter mornings. After a couple of tries, I received a friendly e-mail from Heberto Pérez Espín, Gerente, at the station. ‘La Poderosa’ lives up to their name and transmits with a power of 100 kilowatts targetting Mexicans living in the USA ‘without respect to their migrational status’, as Heberto Pérez Espín puts it According to their home page, XERF ‘La Poderosa’ covers all of Mexico as well as Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado and Kansas.
(Arild’s Radio Blog)

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  • 1. Aurelio Quinonez  |  May 24, 2016 at 8:45 am

    Im glad you catch XERF once in a while,my sister is a dj there! 🙂


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