Rede Paraíba Sat is launched in Paraiba, Brazil

November 20, 2007 at 11:58 am Leave a comment

Rede Paraíba Sat is the name for the new radio network that has substituted the Jovem Pan 2 in the state of Paraiba, Brazil with 19 member stations, The mother station of the network is 101 FM in João Pessoa. This station recently substituted the Jovem Pan 2 in the Paraiba Capital, where this São Paulo network was on air for more than 10 years. The new network is composed of 11 FM station and 9 AM stations.

The AM affiliates of the network are:
Rádio Maná de Mamanguape AM – 560 kHz
Rádio Progresso de Sousa AM – 610 kHz
Rádio Educadora de Conceição AM – 710 kHz
Rádio Cenecista de Picuí AM – 1020 kHz
Rádio Independência de Catolé do Rocha AM – 1120 kHz
Rádio Sociedade de Soledade AM – 1250 kHz
Rádio Cidade de Sumé AM – 1270 kHz
Rádio Cidade de Esperança AM – 1310 kHz
Rádio Bruxaxá de Areia AM – 1550 kHZ



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