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530 Radio Vision Cristiana, Turks & Caicos Islands – E-mail verie in 31 days and a form letter arrived 20 days later, no IRC, v/s Wendell Seymour.
(Vashek Korinek via playdx)

740 – CMKO Radio Angulo, Holguín – I received an email today, with a letter attached confirming my November 4th 2005 (QTH Lista) reception of CMKO Radio Angulo 740. Thank you Isbel Méndez Avila!
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

840 – Radio 4VEH, Cap-Haïtien – Rev. Storly Michel, 4VEH General Manager, today confirmed my reception of Radio 4VEH 840. I heard this exotic station during my latest visit to Smøla early March. My QSL from 1980, when I heard Radio 4VEH on 11835, prevents me from counting this as a new station.
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

895 – VON Radio, Nevis – Very nice letter by air mail from VON Radio, Nevis 895, came during my holidays. The letter was written and signed by Michelle Rodriques, Junior Radio Announcer/News Reporter on this lovely radio station. “Mr. Bue, we are impressed by your report, as it is for the most part accurate. We thank you for listening to the VON Radio, The Power House of the Eastern Caribbean […]”. They also sent me a hurricane map. This verification was most wanted, and it’s my QSL no. 40 from Latin America this year making 2007 my best season ever regarding LA DX!
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)
Desery Ottley, Radio Announcer/News Reporter, sent me a letter confirming my report of the station last week. She also enclosed a hurricane map of the Caribbean, which I frankly don’t expect I will not use a lot :-).
(Arild’s Radio Blog)

930 – CMJS Radio Surco, Ciego de Ávila – Finally a QSL in my inbox again, after weeks without. Tonight, while I was downtown having a beer with my good friend Ole Forr, I received a nice email from CMJS Radio Surco, Ciego de Ávila 930. Not the most perfect verie I’ve seen, but the news about my reception on the front page of their web today certainly is a perfect verification.
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

950 Radio Reloj – The Cuban national network Radio Reloj is a regular station at Lista on a number of frequencies (on a.o. 570, 790, 950, 960 and 1020 kHz), but is not too keen on replying to reports from foreign DX-ers. A few days ago, however, I got a brief e-mail from their director Isidro Betancourt Silva confirming my report from November 2005 on 950 kHz.
(Arild’s Radio Blog)

960 – CMDJ Radio Reloj, Guantánamo – It was señor Isidro Betancourt who confirmed my reception of a Radio Reloj station. The station was heard on March 11th at Smøla, the DX paradise island west of mid Norway. I suppose this was the 10 kW transmitter in Guantánamo, and not the 1 kW in Cienfuegos. But of course I can’t know for sure …
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

1130 – CDN La Radio, Santo Domingo. – A surprising but very welcome e-mail from CDN La Radio made it to my inbox some days ago. The e-mail came from Osvaldo Santana, Director of CDN Radio y Televisión who confirmed my reception of the station on 1130 kHz in November 2006. My letter is also mentioned in an article on the web pages of CDN – cool!
(Arild’s Radio Blog)

1300 – XEP Radio Trece, Ciudad Juárez – This night I received a very nice email from Darìo Gonzàlez in Ciudad Juárez, confirming my 13 October 2003 reception of XEP Radio Trece. I sent a reminder a few days ago after my good friend OJ Sagdahl received a confirmation. Thanks to both of you, OJ and Darìo!
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

1350 – CMFL Radio Ciudad De Mar, Cienfuegos – Radio Ciudad de Mar has been heard a couple of times during the last part of August 2007. I wonder if they still use the listed 1 kilowatt power? Lic. Jorge Domínguez Morado, Editor Jefe verified my report this morning with a nice e-mail. They have a site on the net:
(Ole’s DX-blog)

1380 CMFA Radio Cadena Agramonte, Central Brasil – Was the final station I heard during the fabulous Lista DXpedition in February 2006. Tonight I received a nice email from Leandro Pérez (Editor), confirming my reception.
(Arild’s Radio Blog)


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