Some Asian Qsl’s received by Arnstein Bue, Norway

September 27, 2007 at 12:34 pm Leave a comment

DYAB ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network, Cebu City 1512 – I heard DYAB 1512 for the first time in October 1998 during the KONG3 DXpedition, and again last year during KONG15. DX’ing the Philippines fascinates me a lot, so I sent a reception report for the 2006 reception as well. This time, in the era of email, I even received a verification! Thank you very much, Leo Lastimosa – DYAB Manager!
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

DYRD Bohol Chronicle Radio, Tagbilaran City 1161 – In a very nice email today Jerome J. Auza confirms my October 21 2006 (KONG15) reception of DYRD AM. The station was heard with a good signal at sign off at 1516 UTC, 11 minutes after I heard another station from Tagbilaran, DYTR 1116, closing down. DYRD AM can also be found at
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

DYTR Tagbilaran Broadcasting Corp., Tagbilaran City 1116 – I received a very nice email from Evangeline C. Bumat confirming my 21 October 2006 (KONG15) reception of DYTR 1116 AM. She’s giving some nice and useful information on the station: “Just recently, we have our victory party because in the latest survey conducted by a reputable institution in our place, DYTR 1116 AM comes out no. 1 provincewide. This is our first time in many years. Our 91.1 FM station is also consistent no.1 in two years now. To further strengthen and widen our signal reach and audienceshare,both our AM & FM transmitter are now undergoing total rehabilitation.”
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

JODR BSN Niigata Hoso, Niigata 1116 – QSLs via air mail QSL don’t come easy any more, but today I received an extremly nice letter from the technology director of Broadcasting System of Niigata (BSN). He confirms my reception of JODR BSN Niigata Hoso, Niigata 1116. A perfect QSL card was enclosed, and he also returned the USD I had sent.
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)


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