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Dorozhnoe Radio is new station in Tver on 99,3 MHz. Tver is located 150 kms north of Moscow.
– According to information received from the station, Business FM transmits now in St. Petersburg on 107,4 MHz.
– Radio station Yumor FM began broadcasting in Serpukhov on the frequency of 69,14 MHz VHF. Local partner company is OOO “Radio-Project”. Director General of the station is Vladimir Kuznetsov. Serpukhov is an old town in Moscow Oblast, situated at the confluence of the Oka and the Nara Rivers. It is located 99 kms south from Moscow
– Radio station Retro FM was launched on 10th of May in Rostov-on-Don on the frequency of 101,2 MHz.
Radio Vaygel began broadcasting in Saransk on VHF 73,88 MHz. Music and talks are completely in the Mordvinian language. Saransk is Mordvinian capital city.
– Yumor FM continues to expand its network of regional broadcasting. Radio station Yumor FM has began broadcasting in city of Zverevo on 105,9 MHz. Local partner company is OOO “Pulse-R”. Director General of the station is Yevgeny Chermashentsev. Zverevo is a town in Rostov Oblast, located 140 km northeast of Rostov-on-Don.
Hit FM is new in Belgorod, on 103.2 MHz. Belgorod is a city in western Russia, situated on the Seversky Donets river just 40 km north from the Ukrainian border, and it is the administrative center of Belgorod Oblast.
Radio Monte Carlo re-launches after 5.5 years absence in St. Petersburg. This already is their third attempt. The frequency at this time is 105.9 MHz.


Radio company Niva (“field”) has won the competition for the licence of broadcasting in Makhachkala (106,2 FM), Dagestan. Earlier Radio Niva already has won the competition for the broadcasting licence in Saransk, the capital of Mordovia (104,5 FM), and has already started transmissions. Radio is formatted as ‘agrarian’. Presentley it has majority of its stations in Krasnodar oblast but it plans to organize broadcasting in 25 regions of Russia. Recent licences enlarged the territory of the broadcasting of Radio Niva to 12 regions.

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