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670 – Since the end of 2006, Radio Mesorregional do Alto Solimões has been on the air on the frequency of 670 kHz, transmitting from Tabatinga (AM). Besides this station, the broadcaster has a network consisting of nine educative FM stations. The stations are managed by a Conselho Gestor Mesorregional, formed by the partners in the project and municipal representatives. The region of the Mesorregional do Alto Solimões previously did not have radio stations. This information is provided by the site ‘Envolverde’. Read more, here.

2380 Radio Educadora de Limeira (SP), is still transmitting in the band of 120 meters. It was received by listener in Bombinhas (SC), on 10th of February, at 2335, on the frequency of 2380 kHz. At that time, the station was broadcasting coverage on the football match between Inter de Limeira and União São João de Araras.

3365 Rádio Cultura, de Araraquara (SP) has re-activated since middle of February 2007.

4765 Rádio Integração de Cruzeiro do Sul (AC) is inactive, informs Paulo Roberto e Souza via Samuel Cássio Martins.

4775 Rádio Congonhas, Congonhas (MG) is off the air. The station has lately had problems with some of its transmitting equipment which has to be replaced. This information has been given by the station to listener Danilo Nonato de Paula, Ouro Preto (MG).

4785 Rádio Brasil de Campinas (SP), is still broadcasting on 4785 kHz. Márcio Pontes from Registro (SP), received the station on 21st of January at 2044, with religious programming. The signal was excellent.

4895 Rádio Baré, Manaus (AM) is still using 4895, confirmed by Samuel Cássio, who has monitored the station to be on the air between 1900 and 2400, with mostly religious programming.

5045 Radio Aparecida (SP), has remodeled its website. The station now presents dedicated pages for its listeners on shortwaves, with information on programs, presenters, schedules and frequencies. The URL for these pages is:

5055 Rádio Jornal A Crítica, Manaus (AM), is inactive, informs Paulo Roberto e Souza via Samuel Cássio Martins

5970 Rádio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte (MG), seems to be inactive at the moment. This has been confirmed by listener Danilo Nonato de Paula, Ouro Preto (MG).

5980 Radio Guarujá, Florianópolis (SC), continues to be inactive on the frequency of 5980 kHz. This is confirmed by DX-listener Edison Bocorny Jr, Novo Hamburg (RS).

6000/11785Rádio Guaíba, Porto Alegre (RS), has been sold to Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus. There’s no information if two short wave frequencies, 6000 and 11785 kHz, had been negotiated.

6160/9550/11895Super Rede Boa Vontade de Rádios, Porto Alegre (RS) is inactive on frequencies 6160, 9550 and 11895 kHz. The reason for this is the change of equipment. This information was given by the Technical Director of the station, Celso de Oliveira, to the dxer Samuel Cássio Martins, São Carlos (SP).

6170 – The relays of Radio Cultura FM, São Paulo continue on shortwave on the frequency of 6170 kHz. Adalberto Marques de Azevedo, Barbacena (MG), received the broadcast on 12th of January, at 1737, with program of Mozart’s music played by the São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra.

9665/11750Radio Marumby, Camburiú (SC), changes name. The new name will be ‘Voz Missionária’ on the frequencies of 9665 and 11750 kHz. The Marumby name will be used only by the MW station in Curitiba (PR) on 730 AM. Recently, the afore-mentioned frequencies had been acquired by group Gideões Missionários. This information is provided by journalist Carlos Netto, Americana (SP). There’s already a web page at GM’s site for radio Marumby – here.

5965/9530/11735 – Since 8th of April, Rádio Transmundial, Santa Maria (RS), has been running with a new schedule: on 9530 and 11735 kHz from 1000 to 2200. On 5965 kHz from 0300 to 1000. Alas, from 2200 to 0300, Rádio Transmundial has no transmissions on shortwave. This infromation is provided by Samuel Mattos, from the Technical Department of the station via Sérgio Partamian, São Paulo (SP).

(PANORAMA via Célio Romais via @tividade DX)


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