Two tropical Brazilians

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Rádio Educadora, Guajará-Mirim (RO), has been on the air for 38 years. It transmits on the Tropical Band on 3375 kHz. The station was listened by Paulo Roberto e Souza in Tefe (AM), on 30-31th of January 2007. On the occasion, there were some interference from Radio Nacional de São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM), transmitting on the same frequency. Wilson Charles passed the schedule for the station: primarily in the mornings 0930-1300 UTC. And then in the evenings 2000-0300 UTC. eMail -address for the station: ‘educadora’ at the domain ‘’.

Super Rádio Alvorada, Rio Branco (AC), transmits on 2460 kHz, 1000-2200 UTC, with the power of 1 kW. The station is located in Avenida Ceará, 2150, CEP: 69900-460, Rio Branco (AC). The Director in charge is José Severiano, whose eMail -address is: ‘seve’ at the domain ‘’. This information is provided by Paulo Roberto e Souza, from Tefé (AM).

(Célio Romais, via Panorama, @tividade DX)


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