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850 YVZC Radio Fe y Alegria, Maracaibo. Javier Barrios verified my November 2005 report. I have tried to send e-mail reports to stations in Venezuela belonging to and they have always bounced. Yesterday evening I tried to send the e-mail with my hotmail account and that worked! Thank you Javier for the nice verification and to Arnstein Bue for submiting his e-mail adress.
(Ole’s DX-blog)

1200 YVOZ Radio Tiempo, Caracas. eMail from Maria Caballero verified my March 2006 report, Radio Tiempo is heard from time to time on 1200 kHz.
(Ole’s DX-blog)

1290 HJMC Radio Viva 12-90, Cali. Radio Viva 12-90 was heard during my first trip to Lista back in November 2005. The report was sent just a few weeks ago when I listened to some recordings, and today I received a friendly email from Diego Trujillo, confirming my reception.
(Arnstein Bue / DX-paradise)

1560 HJXZ Santa María de la Paz Radio, Medellín. 22 minutes after I sent my reception report I received a nice email from Daniel Marín, confirming my reception.
(Arnstein Bue / DX-paradise)


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Various QSL’s Sirasa Radio via Ras al Khaimah Radio 1152 kHz

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