Some SA verifications

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610 HJKL La Cariñosa 6-10, Santafé de Bogotá (COL). Very nice email from Blanca Luz Holguín Diaz, Gerente Nacional de Producción y Programación, confirming my reception of HJKL La Cariñosa 6-10. First time I heard this station was back in 1997, under the name 6-10 Bolero RCN.
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

760 HJAJ RCN Barranquilla (COL). Checking my email, I found another email from Blanca Luz Holguín Diaz in Bogotá, this time with a perfect verie for my reception of HJAJ RCN Barranquilla 760. A very nice way to start this DX week end!
(Arnstein Bue / DX Paradise)

700 Radio Córdoba, Córdoba (ARG). Received no data QSL -card and stickers and station logo in 329 dias (39 days after f/up).V/s: Rocio Olmedo. The eMail of station is: ‘gcom’ at the domain ‘’. QTH: Alvear 139 – 5000 – Córdoba – República Argentina.
(Rubens Ferraz Pedroso, Brazil via Conexion Digital)

1480 Radio América, Asunción (PRG). Received full data QSL -card in 13 days. V/s: José A. Holowaty (Director). Reception report set via eMail to: ‘ramerica’ at the domain ‘’.QTH: Casilla Nº 2220, Asunción – Paraguay
(Rubens Ferraz Pedroso, Brazil via Conexion Digital)

3280 La Voz del Napo, Tena (ECU). Address: Mision Josefina – Juan Montalvo s/n y P. Central – Tena – Ecuador. QSL and pennant in 62 days. V/s Padre Humberto Dorigatti, Director.
(R. Pavanello, Italy via

3310 Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba (BOL). Address: Casilla 4493 – Cochabamba – Bolivia. Letter, info and stickers in 59 days. V/s Ana Matthews, Gerente. 1 IRC.
(R. Pavanello, Italy via

4385.8 Radio Vision, Chiclayo (PRU). Address: Jr. Juan Fanning 457 – Urbanizacion San Juan – Chiclayo – Perù. eMail from ‘iplacosecha13’ at the domain ‘’ in 11 days. V/s Pastor Francisco Cordova Rodriguez.
(R. Pavanello, Italy via

4775 Radio Tarma, Tarma (PRU).Received verifying eMail in 10 days. V/s: Mario Monteverde Pomareda. QTH: Molino Del Amo 167, Tarma, Peru.
(Rudolf W.Grimm, Brasil via Conexion Digital)

4796.4 Radio Mallku, Uyuni (BOL).  Address. Casilla 16 – Uyuni – Potosi – Bolivia. eMail from ‘max_nelson_t’ at the domain ‘’ in 102 days. V/s Clotilde Yucra Huanca, Directora Ejecutiva.
(R. Pavanello, Italy via

4955 Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta (PRU). Received full data QSL -card of Radio Cultural Amauta. V/s Pelagio Ñaupa Gálvez, Administrador y sello de la emisora. Address: Jr. Cahuide No. 278 c-Ayacucho- Perú. Apartado 24. E-mail ‘radioamauta’ at the domain ‘’ or ‘radioamauta60’ at the doamin ‘’.
(Manuel Méndez, Lugo, España)

5940 Radio Melodia, Arequipa (PRU). Address: San Camilo 501-A Cercado – Arequipa – Peru. Letter and sticker in 220 days. V/s Elba Alvarez de Delgado, Manager. 1 IRC.
(R. Pavanello, Italy via

6105 Radio Panamericana, La Paz (BOL). Address: Casilla 5263 – La Paz – Bolivia. QSL in 278 days. V/s Daniel Sanchez Rocha. 1 IRC.
(R. Pavanello, Italy via

9720 Radio Victoria, Brena (PRU). Address: Av. Arica 254 – Brena – Peru. Letter + card + stickers in 243 dys. V/s Henrique Silvio Ramos, Administrador. 1 IRC.
(R. Pavanello, Italy via


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News and verifications from NA TWR Puttalam QSL

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