Format changes in NA

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920 WOKY Milwaukee (WI), flips to oldies of 1960-70 as “Mighty 92,” dropping standards/soft AC using the Oldies Channel satellite nights and weekends.
(Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

980 KUPI Ammon (ID), now SS, was OLD/C&W.

1240 WCNM Lewiston, changes to WEZR. No word yet on any format change up there.

1260 WRIE Erie (PA), flips from it’s “Music of Your Life” format to ESPN Radio (“ESPN Radio 1260 – The Score”). The flip has occured as of 29th of January 2007.
(PBRTV – Pittsburgh Radio and Television Online)

1270 WKBF Rock Island (IL), has made its anticipated move to religious “Truth 1270,” ex-talk.
(John Clemmer via Radio News and Notes)

1300 WAVZ New Haven (CT), progressive talk is now a thing of the past in New Haven,where Clear Channel flipped WAVZ (“The Voice”) to ESPN sports.

1330 WFNN Erie (PA), Connoisseur sent the “Froggy” oldies station (ex-WFGO on 94.7 FM) down to WFNN on 1330 AM, where they replace sports talk (ESPN).

1340 WHAT Philadelphia (PA), Inner City Broadcasting handed the keys of WHAT over to new owner Marconi Broadcasting dismissing the station’s entire staff as part of the sale. Marconi’s not saying yet what it plans to program on WHAT, a talk-radio station that called itself the city’s “voice of the African-American community”. It has shut down after more than eight decades on the air.. For the moment, the station’s running automated, with a variety of music.

1390 WRIG Schofield (WI), flips to 60s-70s satellite oldies as “Big Rig 1390”

1490 KQDS Duluth (MN), switches to oldies, using ABC’s “True Oldies Channel, ex-talk
(Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

1580 WHLY South Bend (IN), switches to religious (EWTN), ex-standards

1600 WJRE Dover (DE) has changed it’s call to WAMS.


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